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Conquering the Northern depths of the earth:
a strategy of Rusneftekhim
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Chapter 1
Rusneftekhim in the sector of exploration and production

Rusneftekhim is a holding company with the main activity of exploration and production of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons. The company develops it’s activities in the Yamalo - Nenets Autonomous Area (YaNAA), Western Siberia.

The YaNAA is the most significant gas producing region in Russia, accounting for approximately 80% of Russia’s natural gas production and approximately 16% of global gas production.

Rusneftekhim owns a fund of highly productive gas condensate wells located in the Purovsky district of the Yamalo - Nenets Autonomous Area in the territory of the Urengoyskoye oil and gas condensate field, which is one of the largest in the world, in the operating area of «Gazprom dobycha Urengoy», subsidiary of Gazprom.
80% 80%
of Russia’s natural
gas production
16% 16%
of global
gas production
The strategic goal of Rusneftekhim is sustainable growth of the company by implementing unique projects and creating a balanced assets portfolio both in Russia and overseas. The company will perform this task using advanced technologies and in cooperation with strategic partners, the leaders of the global oil and gas industry to ensure the most efficient exploration and production of hydrocarbons.
The Board of Directors of Rusneftekhim approved the company's strategic development program aimed at ensuring sustainable growth in key areas of activity:
and production
Gas business
business development
The main strategic goal of Rusneftekhim is to increase the resource base in partnership with the world leaders in the oil and gas industry, both in Russia and overseas. It will allow to make the Rusneftekhim as an international oil and gas company with stable gas and liquid hydrocarbon production indicators.

Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district is a strategic region for developing and increasing the company's oil and gas assets in Russia.
The main assets of Rusneftekhim are located in the Yamalo - Nenets Autonomous Area, Western Siberia, on the territory of the Urengoyskoye oil and gas condensate field.
the Urengoyskoye
The Urengoyskoye oil and gas condensate field is a supergiant gas field with total geological reserves of 16 trillion m³ of natural gas and 1.2 billion tons of gas condensate.
The Urengoyskoye field includes three main horizons containing hydrocarbons.
0 m
1 700 m
4 000 m
The Achimov
is located at depths
of about 3500 - 4000 m.
The Valanginian
is located at a depth
of 1700 - 3200 m.
The Cenomanian
is characterized by a depth
of 1000 - 1700 m.
100 m 100 m
up to 100 m
formation height
4 km 4 km
up to 4000 m
the depth of deposits
220 km 220 km
the field length
6000 6000
over 6000 km2
field area
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Chapter 2
Northern resources:
The Rusneftekhim’s work
specifics in Yamal

Rusneftekhim specializes in the production of gas, gas condensate and oil. In each of these areas, the company shows positive results and has great prospects.

Gas production
Rusneftekhim's operating activities are concentrated in the Yamalo - Nenets Autonomous Area in Western Siberia.

A highly productive well fund owned by the company reveals the Achimov deposits of the Urengoyskoye field in the Ach3, Ach4, and Ach5²⁻³ layers. Gas condensate deposits of these formations are prepared for industrial development and contain about 87% of the total hydrocarbon reserves.
The wells have confirmed their productivity, having been in trial operation for approximately three years. During this period was reached a maximum value extraction without additional production stimulation. The annual production volume amounted to 1.1 billion m3 of natural gas and 2.6 million barrels of condensate.
3 3
about 3 years of
trail operation
1,1 B 1,1 B
billion m3/year
gas production
2,6 M 2,6 M
million bbl/year
condensate production
Gas Condensate
Production of natural gas and gas condensate is a fundamental production process for the formation of the company's economy.

Given the stable results of the trial operation, Rusneftekhim has begun commissioning its own fund of wells.
A feasibility study of commissioning was prepared by «Gazprom Engineering», the author of «The unified development plan for hydrocarbons of the Achimov deposits in the Urengoyskoye field».

Until the end of 2021, Rusneftekhim will complete the overhaul of the wells, wich will achieve maximum operational efficiency. The General contractor for the repair of wells is «Gazprom podzemremont Urengoy».
In the mode of commercial operation of wells, annual production will amount to 2.069 billion m³ of gas and 5.6 million barrels of condensate.
The total production of gas condensate wells as of 2069 will amount to 25.092 billion m³ of gas and 54.9 million barrels of condensate.
2069 2069
until 2069
industrial operation
2.069 b 2.069 b
gas production
5.6 m 5.6 m
condensate production
Oil production
Part of highly productive well fund owned by Rusneftekhim reveals the oil - saturated Achimov formation Ach3 of the Urengoyskoye oil and gas condensate field. The produced crude oil is classified as light with a sulfur content of 0.08%. The density of oil at a temperature of 20°C is 798 kg/m³.
In the mode of commercial operation annual production will amount to 400 thousand barrels.
Total production as of 2046 will be 4.4 million barrels of oil and 0.535 billion m³ of associated gas.
2046 2046
until 2046 industrial operation
173 m³ 173 m³
of oil production
400 400
thousand bb
Applied acidization technologies for the extraction of reserves from the reservoirs of the Achimov formation:
Hydraulic fracturing is a method that improves the porosity, permeability and HC recovery factor from a specific section of the reservoir adjacent to the well.
The main method of hydraulic fracturing is proppant carrier fluid injection under the pressure higher than formation fracturing pressure. Proppant injection is carried out using specialized pumps that are part of the hydrofrac fleet, creating a pressure exceeding 1000 atmospheres. During the operation, the proppant wedges up the fractures created by pressure and helps to increase the inflow through the newly created channels to the interval of the well perforation.
The most promising is the multi-stage hydraulic fracturing. To perform multi-stage hydraulic fracturing, equipment (tie-back equipment) is lowered into the well. Such equipment consists of several valves that are designed at different intervals and serve for sequential hydraulic fracturing in different directions and sections of the formation, which contributes to more efficient characteristics of hydrocarbon production.
Sidetracking is the creation of an additional effective production channel, which allows for the involvement of previously unused sections of the reservoir, as well as reserves difficult to recover.
Creating a sidetrack in a vertical well is done by cutting a casing window using a reamer and a deflecting wedge and drilling a bore. Next, the production liner is lowered for multi-stage hydraulic fracturing. The use of sidetracking technology significantly increases the down-spacing (i.e. reduces the need for drilling new wells and the cost of hydrocarbon production).
Well drilling
High pressure
fluid injection
in the rock
Pumping fluid
from a well
Ingress of oil
from the reservoir
to the well
Aggressive factors during production from the Achimov reservoirs

abnormal formation pressure up to 600 atmospheres

CO2 (carbon dioxide), which creates carbon dioxide corrosion of the wells equipment, as well as an elevated temperature of up to 110°C in the bottom zone, enhancing the influence of the aggressive environment on the equipment.


to prevent corrosion of equipment in the well, special alloys that are little low-susceptible to corrosive attack of aggressive environment are used, in particular, Chrome 13 alloy, which includes elements such as chromium, molybdenum, etc.

corrosion inhibitors are also used to combat aggressive environments – high-tech fluids that protect equipment from these factors.

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Chapter 3
Strengthening positions
in the oil and gas market

Increasing the resource base in Yamal is part of the strategy of Rusneftekhim to expand its activities. The company plans to purchase both new licensed areas with proven hydrocarbon reserves, as well as promising little-studied areas where prospecting will be carried out.

To expand its activities and increase production potential, Rusneftekhim plans to participate in joint ventures with Russian and foreign leaders in the oil and gas industry. The company considers public-private partnership (PPP) to be a particularly promising form of cooperation.
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Rusneftekhim Oil Company JSC is a holding company with the main activity of exploration and production of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons. The company develops it’s activities in the Yamalo - Nenets Autonomous Area (YaNAA), Western Siberia.
35, 1-st Brestskaya street,
Moscow, Russia, 125047